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Beach Babes #1-Cali Girl Barbie, Happy Family Pool & Barbie Style Resort Grace

I don’t think I’ve done a feature post on these girls before, so here we go! First up -the Happy Family pool. I couldn’t find a proper stock image, so here’s the back of the playset:


I completely forgot I used to own that table! I remember playing with it, but I haven’t seen it in person for at least ten years! I still have everything else, apart from the pool ladder (although it might be floating around somewhere??). It didn’t come with the outfits (although a bathing suit for Nikki and Ryan would have been nice! Humpf!) and the flowers are actually pink, not blue. Oh, and the waterslide ladder isn’t blue, either.

The design on the side of the pool is really sweet.

The ladder isn’t really intended for adults. I was going to pour water in the pool, but that was too much trouble, so we can just pretend.

The deck stands on three legs and is quite sturdy. I might not sit on it, but plenty of dolls can all stand on top and it won’t wobble about. It’s a fabulous addition, and I haven’t seen Mattel produce a stand-alone pool deck since. I’m glad I managed to get this set, because it’s a great way to include more dolls in the pool setup -the ones that don’t want to swim can just sit on the deck.

The pool itself isn’t all that big -you can’t expect a Barbie doll to properly swim in it! But it’s great for Chelsea-sized dolls, and dolls that just want to sit in the water.

The deck is fabulous -fake tiles and everything! I like how the pattern changes to make a border. The chair is really nice as well, and even though it’s plastic, it looks quite similar to fabric. I like it how I can use the chair for pools, dentist offices and even a bed when I don’t have enough.

This lifeguard chair actually came with another pool set, which I have now sold. I really love it, it’s perfect for storytelling.

This is a picture from the back of the box -I used to own all three dolls, but I have sold Summer and Barbie. Grace’s curls look super-cute, but I boil straightened them because they were getting all frizzy. You can read that here.  I bought each doll for $15 (on sale) at Target in late 2015, they were the first in the ‘Style’ range to come to my state. After that we got the ‘Glam Night’ series.

Here’s Grace in her original outfit. I bought this whole series because I love how they come with so many different pieces! I can’t use the jumper with much, because it’s transparent and I don’t have much to wear underneath. It’s cute regardless. The skirt, on the other hand, is really helpful and goes with heaps of different shirts.

The shoes (boots?) are really nice and I love the design. I now have another pair in black, but I still prefer these.

I really love the quality of the clothing. The bag itself is uber cute, too. It looks so real!

Her face looks a bit evil, so I don’t use her much. Although her arms are articulated, they’re still very stiff and difficult to move. It was the same for all the dolls in that series. The legs are unarticulated and aren’t bend ‘n snap, which is a real pain in the bum.

Here she is in just the bathing suit. It’s really nice, and I like how it gathers at the top. I often use it underneath skirts or shorts and it makes a full outfit.

Like this!

Finally, here’s one of my favourite dolls ever, Barbie Cali Girl! The following image is not mine, credits go to Ryan the Boy 2 on Flickr. The original image can be viewed here: (as of 23 March 2017)


This is what she’s supposed to look like. My version has messy hair and the board shorts were vacuumed up. In all honesty, I forgot to bring the headpiece and the jacket out to the photoshoot.

Here she is wearing some killer red sandals from, like, 2002, my new denim shorts and my new jacket with the 2015 Barbie Style Resort hat. I think she looks pretty awesome.

Her face is sooo cute! I love her makeup and blonde streaks. Everything about her just screams “California Barbie.”

Here she is without the jacket. Isn’t she awesome? Too bad her hair is so frizzy! it really spoils the picture.

Overall, I really, really love this stuff. I love the pool (mostly because of the deck) and I love how many clothes Grace came with. I love Cali Girl Barbie because she’s just so perfect, duh. I think she was the most popular Cali Girl doll, because I see her absolutely everywhere on eBay and I’ve seen her irl at markets at least twice! I named her Bianca, because I used to know a cool, older, tanned girl named Bianca who looks a bit like her.

So that’s that! Next up for the ‘Beach Babes’ series? Rio Teresa from 2002, and some other surprises. Stay tuned!

-Pace! xx

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