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Ashlyn Ella, Daughter of Cinderella

Er… So remember when I promised I wouldn’t buy anything? Well, I went to the store today and saw a bunch of EAH dolls! More than I’ve ever seen at one store at a time. There was Briar Beauty, Apple White, Raven Queen and Ashlyn Ella. There was also some budget dolls, which I didn’t give a second glance. It was a toss-up between Raven Queen and Ashlyn Ella, who were both $25. I couldn’t afford both, so I went with Ashlyn Ella.

Here she is, chillin’ with Briar Beauty and Rosabella Beauty. I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to take a group shot with Ever After High dolls, but gosh it is HARD. Harder than Barbies, that’s for sure. It’s tricky because their heads and eyes are all so different.

I’m not sure why,  but I find it much more embarrassing to buy Ever After High dolls in comparison to Barbie. I can walk around holding a Barbie and feel somewhat fine, but with Ever After High, I’m always like RUN RUN LET’S GET TO THE CHECKOUT. It’s the same standing in the aisle -I can stand and look at Barbie all day, but with Ever After High, I feel like I’m going to get in trouble for being there.

Her bracelet and ring are really, really cute. It’s the little accessories that I love! Her sleeves are gorgeous too, it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Her face and hair are absolutely stunning, too. She has a really cute expression.

I don’t like her shoes that much -they’re glittery, and slightly transparent. A bit “fake.” Her purse is cute, and there is a clock design on each side. I like how it’s not just a standard bag in a different colour (like with Barbie), but a different bag for every kind of doll. I suppose when you pay $25-$30 for something, in comparison to a $12 Fashionista, you can expect better quality.

Unlike my other two dolls, Ashlyn didn’t come with either a storybook, stand or hairbrush. It’s annoying because a.) Briar was the same price as Ashlyn, and she came with a stand, and b.) Using a non-EAH stand instead just isn’t the same. It looks a bit funny on the shelf.

On the plus side, she came with this really cute card. I wish the others did, too. They would look nice, displayed all together.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase, even though I won’t use her in a photostory or anything. Ever After High dolls are really just for collecting and sitting on a shelf, if you ask me. I never understood why somebody would do that, but now that I have started collecting EAH, I see why you would.

I’ll be back for you, Raven Queen! (After I get paid. Maybe.)

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