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Meet the Boys

I don’t focus on my male dolls enough. Probably because they are boring and simply act as accessories to the girls that move ahead the storyline. Regardless, I figured I should do a feature post on them.
Here are all my male dolls -Steven (2012 Budget Beach), Ryan (2012 Clutch W1 Fashionista) and Zapp (2016 Ken Fashionista).

I used to also have Ken from the 2012 film Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 (but I named him Blaine) and Ken from the 2012 Budget Beach line, but I sold those two. I also used to have two Happy Family Alan’s, and one Grandpa, but those had broken heads, legs, etc.

Steven acts as ‘Mr Steven,’ a science teacher. He doesn’t have much importance, expect when I need an “older” doll.

Ryan doesn’t have much importance, either. He’s friends with Zapp and is currently trying to get in Emily’s pants. It isn’t going well.

Zapp is more central to the photostory. He’s dating Danika and, well, that’s about it. He used to date Jewel, a long time ago, but that’s old news. He’s also an astronaut. You can read a full review on Zapp here. Oh, and yes, I did name him after Zapp from Futurama.

Ryan’s shirt is really neat. Too bad it has a rip under the armpit.

Steven looks fashionable in his Grandpa outfit.

And here are all my other male clothes, excluding board shorts. I used to have a blue sports top, from Happy Family, but I must have sold it. The two shirts are from Happy Family, while the prince outfit was second-hand, and I’m not sure where it’s from. It’s helpful because I can have a “prince” doll without actually owning a dedicated “prince.”

As you can see, that’s not much! But frankly, I don’t care enough to buy more.

5 thoughts on “Meet the Boys

  1. Funny, you’re the second doll blogger I’ve seen who doesn’t think much of male dolls. I didn’t have any for the longest time but when I got Steven (same as yours), I suddenly found him quite inspiring in my story telling. I’ve been adding more male dolls steadily ever since, but the lasses still outnumber the lads by quite a bit.


      1. I know what you mean! I recently bought two Texas A&M cheerleaders to rebody Steven and the new fashionista Hip Hoodie doll. He looked great afterward but poor Steven looked like a giraffe! I had to put his head back on its old body. Mattel should sell M2M Ken dolls at a reasonable price with rooted hair. But they don’t. I’ve got two of the male dolls from the Hunger Games collector series but they weren’t cheap!


      2. I was just thinking that exact thing a few hours ago! They needn’t have ankle joints, but M2M males in different skintones with rooted hair would just be a dream. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a male with rooted hair in the shops since, gosh, Princess and the Popstar in 2012! Anyway, the M2M girls are so popular, I really hope they keep expanding the line.

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