Shopping Trips

A Visit to Kmart + Barbie Ban

Did I mention I took my ‘Barbie Budget’ down from $200 to $0? Yup, $0 a year. It’s unlikely to happen, but I want to be as close to $0 as possible. Presents don’t count.*

*Not that anybody will be giving me any Barbie presents, since the only Barbie “presents” I get are presents to myself!

Regardless of my self-imposed ban, I went to Kmart. You know, just to check. Check. There’s no harm in checking, I told myself!

This Club Chelsea doll looks pretty creepy, if you ask me. It’s all in the eyes. The Dreamtopia girl next to her is cute, but the cheekbones were weird.

Only three Fashionista options left, and I already have two of them! I don’t even like the clothes on the other one.

** And that was all in the Barbie section! Literally. Dreamtopia dolls, Star Light Adventure action dolls (haven’t seen any co-stars yet!), three choices of Fashionista, one single Club Chelsea doll and the bubble fun fairy you can see squished at the back there.

Onto the EAH section! Only basics dolls here, apart from Faybelle, who was cute, but not OMG I NEED THIS!!1! enough to break my Barbie ban. (Not that EAH is Barbie, obviously, but still)

*** rant \ long winded story incoming ***

On another note, I’m worried about my Barbie ban. In 2013, I wasn’t allowed to go to the shops without an adult. Obviously, because I was only 14 and what kind of parent let’s their child wander off by themselves? But still. I was very annoyed that year, because my parents wouldn’t let me buy any Barbie stuff.

So what did I do? Nothing. There was nothing I could do! I obsessed over Barbie and despite making every DIY under the sun, I couldn’t shake the feeling of ‘I really want some more Barbie stuff.’ I literally memoried every product available on Mattel Shop and their price. I can still remember the price of the Dreamhouse was $189.

Anyway. I started dreaming about Barbie. Multiple times a week, for a year, I would dream I was browsing the shops for Barbie. On the shelves would be products I owned, products I wanted and products that didn’t even exist. Barbie was constantly on my brain. It’s all I ever thought about, every day.

Do I want that to happen again? No. It’s absolutely terrible to long for something for an entire year! You feel terrible, like there’s a twisted snake in your gut, because you REALLY, really want something and you just can’t have it.

On the plus side, I’ll save money for non-Barbie things I want, like a Nintendo Switch, or a new laptop.

Why allow myself to buy those, but not Barbie? Because while you can get hours of enjoyment out of a Nintendo Switch, there’s only so much you can do with one or two (or seven) more Barbie dolls.

UPDATE: I have since spent $20 on Barbie… But it was a really good deal! I couldn’t pass it up!

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