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Fashionista Cutie 2011 Fashion Pack

This was the last Barbie item I received from my mother before I was deemed ‘much too old for dolls’ and she ‘wasn’t buying a thing more.’ Regardless of all that, I still loved this fashion pack and used it often. I kept the packaging to use as a backdrop to my shopping malls -I believe I still have it somewhere.


I really love the early-Fashionista era of clothes, it’s much better than what’s on offer today. However, I am glad the 2015 rebranding thing happened; the clothes 2013-14 were DREADFUL.


The only items that were included in the fashion pack are the dress and the bag.

  • Good detail on bag -love that zip!
  • I use the bag often, as it works with many outfits
  • Dress is very cute and kawaii, with sweet design
  • Dress is also very short, often rides up when dolls are sitting / doing things other than standing

The necklace is from Sweetie Swappin’ Styles Fashionista Wave 3, and the boots are from Sporty Swappin’ Styles Fashionista Wave 3.

Doll is Sporty Swappin’ Styles Fashionista Wave 3 Extra Head.


The only items from the fashion pack are the shoes, present, skirt and jacket. I lost the tiara headband, probably because I used it whenever possible and it was a staple in my collection for many years.

  • Shoes are nicely designed and go with many outfits
  • Skirt has a great pattern and I love the colour, but it also has a huge hole and the seams are all over the place (hence the belt)
  • Jacket is gorgeous, I love everything about the design
  • Jacket does not stay on very well -the only reason it looks like that in the photo is because I stuck it there wih blu-tac
  • Present is cute, but no way to hold onto it (again, blu-tac) and does not fit much inside

The doll is 2015 Purple Fairy, and the headband is from a 2015 accessory pack. I forgot where the headband and singlet came from.


The only thing that came from the fashion pack is the skirt. I have the top (it is featured in several other posts), but I couldn’t find it today. I hope it’s not lost.

  • Skirt is very cute, but does not work with many outfits
  • Unusual shape and reminds me a bit of a cupcake

The doll is a Swappin’ Styles Fashionista Wave 4 Cutie Extra Head. The bow and necklace is from Swappin’ Styles Fashionista Wave 3 Sweetie Extra Head. The top is from MyScene Maddison Teen Tees. I forgot where the shoes came from.


Overall, I think this fashion pack is SUPER, SUPER CUTE. Although not all of the items are versatile (I’m looking at you, cupcake skirt!) they are all really nice. I’m disappointed with the quality of the green skirt, it was so pretty when new.


On Amazon, this currently goes for $29 including $5 shipping -have you ever heard of $5 shipping before?? That’s crazy! I normally see $20-$200 for shipping. This comes with 9 items -5 being proper clothes, 4 being accessories.

The fashion packs of today cost $20 and come with 7 items -4 being proper clothes, 3 being accessories. So that’s $10 more for 1 more clothing item and 1 more accessory. A single-pack clothing item is $6.

Would you rather spend $29 on the 2011 Fashion Pack, or $26 on the 2015 Fashion Pack + single-pack clothing? I know I would much rather a 2011 Fashion Pack!


I’m really glad I brought Jewel back from hibernation. I was worried that (with her pink hair), she would not match many outfits. But turns out, she does!


Danika doesn’t look very good facing directly towards the camera. If it weren’t for her purple hair, she would not be a main doll.


I can’t believe I’ve written 600+ words about a single fashion pack! I hope this wasn’t too boring, and you enjoyed looking at my photos.




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