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Diamond Castle Alexia & Market Finds 2.0

I’ve been itching to go to the market for several weeks now, and I finally did! No more trolling Gumtree ten times a day! (no joke, I literally check it every time I go on my phone) I saw the Heart Family, in original packaging, but I didn’t bother to ask how much it was. I’m not really into that kind of stuff. I also saw a yellow campervan, probably from the 70s or something. Neat, huh? It’s like a Barbie museum, if you dig around.

Here we have ALEXA! I was so excited when I saw her. Only $2! What a bargain!

And Unknown Blonde Doll! I named her Catrina. Can anybody ID her? She was $2 as well.


And finally, Unknown Brunette Doll! I named her Emily and she was also $2.

First things first -let’s get that disgusting  grease out of Alexa’s hair. I swear, this doll has the worst hair out of all my dolls.  I touched it once, washed my hands, and they were still greasy!

I was originally going to buy Catrina on her own, but then I picked Emily up as well. Now that I’m looking at Catrina closely, her face isn’t all THAT nice. And what’s that awful side fringe? Yuck.


I really love everything about Emily. Look at the lace on that top -it makes me question whether it’s official Barbie! Were things really this detailed back then? (I am guessing these are from early – mid 2000s)


Catrina’s top and jacket were originally connected, but I cut off the connecting threads and they became two separate pieces. I’m so glad I got new clothes. To think, 4 pieces of new clothing at the moment is $20!


I really can’t get enough of these dolls! They’re turning into favourites already. And they’re not even articulated! Perhaps I should rebody them? But they have a kind of special charm, being on these old snap-and-bend bodies. I miss that, much better than the rubbish can’t-move-my-head, can’t-stand-up-against-a-wall bodies of today.


Back onto Alexa. This is her without the dress. I was not expecting it to be removable! I love removable dresses!


I put her hair up because the boiling water and shampoo hair treatment did absolutely NOTHING. So the less I touch that oily mess, the better. Is it just me, or do Alexa’s eyes look kind of… blank?


To activate the magical dress transformation, we pull on the cheap plastic decoration at the back of the dress.


Ta-da! Transformed! In all honesty, I really, really like the dress. I love the movie too and always wanted the doll. I still can’t get over the fact that I actually own her!

However, in terms of practicality, I think I will use Emily and Catrina much more than Alexa. I barely use dolls from movies, and yet they tend to be the ones I am desperate to own. Weird, huh?

UPDATE: So I bought some $8 batteries (cost more than the doll itself!) and Alexa now sings! She plays a bit of Connected, but it’s different from the proper version, and a bit of Two Voices. I wish I had Liana, so they could sing together. Great marketing, Mattel! Oh -she also makes an annoying “sparkle” sound, too.


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