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Barbie 1996 Motorhome

This is a campervan I got second-hand, from 1996. Here is the TV commerical -can you believe they got to the campsite, ate some food and then were like ‘oh no we left Ken at home??’ Ahaha.

Sorry about the shadows in this post, I tried to avoid it as much as possible, but the sun was pointing in just the wrong place!


Teresa is happy to show you around the camper. It’s missing some pieces, like the other mirror, but for the most part, it’s in okay condition.


This is the front seat before I cleaned it. To clean it, I vacuumed most of the dust, wiped it with warm soap water and a tissue, then got the little gross bits out with a toothpick and cotton bud.


Here is the finished product. It’s much cleaner! The floor still has lots of dust stuck in the cracks, but my hand can’t fit down there and there’s not much I can do. For a moment, I considered filling it up with soapy water, tipping it out and drying it with a hair-drier, but then I realised I probably wouldn’t get all the water out and it would go mouldy and gross. So the floor can stay dirty.


This is the floor before I cleaned it.


And this is it afterwards. Again, I did the same things as I did to the front seat. I couldn’t improve it much, but it’s alright.


The steering wheel turns and there is a little spot for your sunglasses. There is also a place to play a tape, wow.


The side panels lift up to support the floor.


The stairs flip down, allowing for easy access into the camper.


There is no tap! Strange enough, the sounds haven’t broken yet, even though it’s 20 years old! There is running water, popcorn cooking and an oven timer sound effects. The stove used to light up, I think, but not anymore.


The oven can open, but the drawer is where the batteries go, so it can’t be used for storage. The fridge is always falling over, especially when the camper is opened and closed.


The top bunk bed is broken, so dolls can only sleep on the bottom one. So that means, out of this huge camper, only one doll can properly sleep!* It opens up to reveal some storage space, enough for a blanket and some small accessories.

*Unrelated: One thing I never liked about the Dreamhouse was, even though there is usually 9 rooms, there’s only one bed! The couch never even flips out into a bed! Where do Barbie’s sisters sleep? Huh? Even if there was only 2 bedrooms, one for Barbie and one for Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea, I would be okay with that.


The table can be pulled up and flipped around to act as a table. I suppose a doll could also sleep on the table, if they wanted. Put a blanket over the top and nobody will know!


There is also a chair-thing that can sit on the floor. I’m not sure if it’s meant to go at the dressing table or the dining table. The dressing table can flip down when travelling and there is a little cupboard down the bottom. It can’t fit much, though. There is also a cupboard (without a door) and one coat hanger, for one outfit (because that’s all Barbie needs, right?)

In all honesty, I don’t use this campervan very much, which is why it got so dusty. It’s funny because I always look at the new campervans and go ‘wow, I wish I had that!’ but then I realise that I don’t even use the campervan I already have! But I must admit, when I was playing Barbies with some little kids who had the van (I think it was the 2013 one), it was really cool. I was very jealous, haha.

Even though I have plenty of stuff that could be used in a camping game -the kayak, canoe, etc, I store it very high in my cupboard so often I just forget about it. Same with the cruise ship. Overall, I think this is a pretty cool camper, but I wish the bunk bed wasn’t broken! It would be cool if it came with an anax too, or a fire pit! I always wanted one of those. I always wanted one of the campers with the pools, too, but now I realise that’s a bit over-the-top and I wouldn’t use it, anyway.


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