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Let’s Go Windsurf!

A $10 find, on sale, from Target. I’ve seen this thousands of times before, but never bothered to waste money on it. Now that it was on clearance, I snatched it up and I sure am glad!

This is the box art. Pretty standard, with the LitD Barbie on the side. Haven’t seen one of them for a while. It comes with the windsurf, beach tote, sunglasses and towel.

These are the pieces.

Here it is while being put together. Very easy and fun to assemble. Fun for me, at least, but I love reading instructions and assembling toys, weird as that sounds. It adds to the excitement.

Yay, stickers! I love putting stickers on things.

Here is Danika trying out the windsurf. It was quite tricky getting her feet in place, those foot holes would be better with straps for extra support. She couldn’t stand up on her own, either, so if you want to make her windsurf, you’d have to use one hand to hold the doll and the other to hold the sail. Not ideal.

One fun thing is, the sail disconnects with ease and the windsurf turns into a surfboard! How neat! There’s also a little tail-thing that you can lift up and down, towards the end of the board. I’m not sure why it’s there, you could really only use it if you put the windsurf in water.

Ah, Mattel, always trying to delude us into thinking this scrap of fabric is a ‘towel.’ The bag is nothing special (although it’s hollow, nothing can fit inside apart from maybe a scrap of paper), but the sunglasses are real cute. I tried them with a variety of outfits and they looked fabulous.

So overall? For $10, this was a great bargain and I hope to get the other items in the series for the same price, the bike and canoe, if they’re still available.

Although I wasn’t sure this would be very practical -how often do you play beach or summer camp?- I think it’s a fun product that I’ll use for a long time to come.

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