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Delia Drawing Fun Doll

So the other day I went on a hunt for new Barbie things, after counting all the loose change I had been putting in a specially marked ‘Barbie Jar’ these past few years and finding it came to almost $50!! I will be sharing the things I bought slowly on this blog. I also bought something for myself to open at Christmas (gotta make sure there’s one Barbie thing!)

Anyway, these are the options that were available. I was intending on getting the one on the left, but she was gone by the time I came back to buy. Only a few minutes, wow! I ended up getting Maddison Delia* instead.

*Originally, I thought this doll was ‘Madison’ as the dark-haired Chelsea friend is sometimes called that. I then realised she is called ‘Delia’ more often than she is called ‘Madison.’ So Delia it is!

Danika, Imogen and Barbie are here to help me open her.

Isn’t she cute!

Here are the other options. I wish Tamika was available!

So while Tamika gets a cat, Maddison Delia gets a cardboard drawing?? At least I didn’t get Chelsea, who gets nothing, ha.

This is her entire range of movement in one photo. Her arms can’t even go to the side!

I love her outfit! Even though it’s a tiny scrap of material, I think it looks very well put-together and her gold sneakers are too cute.

So, what do you think? I’m glad I got her for $12, I’ve seen similar dolls for much more in the past.

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