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New Arrivals

On Monday, I went to Target and saw three new Barbie items, which was a lovely surprise. Neko Made to Move, Barbie Made to Move and Teresa Made to Move, all for $25 each. The first new products since the budget Rock n Royal dolls.

$25AUD = 17.25USD, 15.78 Euro, 12.16 British pound

I wasn’t really tempted to buy any of them. They all looked kind of generic, tbh, and the only one I really wanted was Asha -isn’t her hair amazing? Although the new articulation looks amazing, I don’t think I can justify spending that much on one doll. I remember when they were first released on Amazon and my Insta went crazy, it seemed like everyone had bought around ten each for rebodying.

On Tuesday, I went to Big W and saw Barbie and Teresa Made to Move for $24. I also saw two new fashion packs for $19, which was fantastic, since the only clothes-only stuff we have had for the last year is those dumb $6 each single piece sets (like, you pay $6 to get ONE t-shirt). Again, they were the first new products since the budget Rock n Royals.

$6AUD -4.14 USD, 3.79 Euro, 2.92 British pound

$19AUD -13.10 USD, 12 Euro, 9.25 British pound


This was the other option. I liked the skirt / jumper combo, but knew I wouldn’t use the dress very much.

So, I settled on this one!


Ta-da! I wish, a thousand times wish, that the shoes were for flat-footed dolls. I only have four options! :/ Anyway, it’s football themed… I think? Like ‘going to watch a football match.’  Seems a bit fancy to me. The packaging is standard and not really my style.


This is the back. I’m glad they included a shot of the products, instead of just a wall of text, so that was a nice touch. It says 2014, but I don’t think these were even released in America until 2015. It must have been part of the whole rebranding thing last year. Oh, gotta love only getting new things a year later, amirite?


Here they are again, with the plastic cover off.


Ignore my legs, omg. I know it looks like I’m some 10 year old, but I’m just super thin, okay? I’m 17 in May! And yes, that is a basket full of mentos. Don’t ask ; )


The soda is cute, I like the design, and the fact it has a handle, but the straw is really flimsey. I feel like it’s going to snap off any minute!


THE SHOES ARE GORGEOUS! I love the effort Mattel is putting into the shoes lately. Like, so much detail!


The necklace is lovely, so elegant. I can imagine it going with sooo many different outfits.


This flag is, ahem, nice?


I think the purse is very classy. I love how it’s black and gold instead of pink and pink. Again, I think it will go with a lot of outfits.


I love the design of the pants -It’d totally wear a pair in real life, if they were a nice aqua instead of pink. The material is stiff and not at all what I was expecting.


The top is cute, very standard, but I’m not loving the shape on the bottom, because it’ll look odd over shorts or skirts.


The velcro is amazingly strong. Remember how all the fashions in 2010-11ish were all grossly unsticky? Yeah, this is a huge turnaround. Just realised; this is my first fashion pack since 2011, talk about *gasp.* And my first Barbie purchase of the year! I was totally overdue for some new clothes.


The skirt is really nice. The material feels like your old primary school polos, if I’m being honest, but not quite as rough.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover the black part of the top is separate. It almost makes up for only one pair of shoes!


The top is lovely, it’ll look great with denium shorts.


Here is Raquelle, modelling the first outfit. She is upset because a.) no shoes and b.) she didn’t get a part in the first episode of my new YouTube series. Maybe next time, Raquelle! She thinks it looks like pyjamas and isn’t too happy. I, however, am very happy.


Here we can see how baggy the pants are, especially in the thighs.

On another note: The Barbie Collector stands are absolutely awful! I’d much rather something that clips around the tummy of the doll, then you put the clothing over to cover it. Like, it’s literally just a bit of plastic that they lean against, and the stand is too small, so they’re wobbling right in front.


This is Kayla. She wanted to show off her new articulated body. It’s a bit lighter than her original (it’s Nikki’s, the one I nearly finished rerooting but didn’t have the right kind of needle to finish the hairline). She feels a bit out of place wearing this kind of outfit -she’s more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.


A close up.


Kayla much prefers it with the layered top.


Here are the two girls together.

What do you think? What’s the last fashion pack you bought? How do you feel about the post-rebranding fashion packs?

-Pace! ❤

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