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Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals Review

Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals released only two days ago (four, if you live in the US, you lucky things!) and of course, I got it on the first day. 🙂 Review time!

Okay, so I’m not going to spoil the movie plot THAT much for you. If you’re really desperate to see it, I wouldn’t recommend reading this right now. A princess, Courtney, is nervous about going to Camp Royalty but hopes she’ll have a good time. She doesn’t really like her royal duties -not as much as Tori, mind you- but does them anyway. A famous rockstar, Erika Juno, is excited about going to Camp Pop, because she wants to actually makes some friends who like her for who she is.

Philip Sorry, Kid

Anyway, there’s a mix-up because of the new computer system and the two camp’s sharing a database, which means they both get sent to the wrong camps. Although the administration originally tries to fix the problem, Lady Anne realises that if she kept Erika on her side, her camp would win the sing-off.

Can't Wait To See EveryoneGonna Make Them Hear Us Now

Although both the camps are very different to the girl’s regular lives, they adjust quickly and begin to make new friends and enjoy their summer.

Bring Out The Beat and the Melody Okay Lets Do It

Erika discovers Lady Anne’s plan and the two camps band together to save both of them. Despite Clive’s bribes to Svetlana, the plan works and they are saved!


This film was animated by Rainmaker Entertainment -which of course means it’s amazing!! I love it, but I’ve read many negative comments about it. Mind you, they’re the kind of comments that say:

‘OMG this movie suxxx the animation suxx barbie looks SO WEIRD bring back princess pauper LOLZ”


Loved it. So many songs, and they all sound so great! When You’re a Princess, What If I Shine and Gotta Get to Camp are my least favourites, however. One thing I found strange was that none of the events in the teaser trailer actually happened, and One Big Dream was never fully released, only a leaked short snippet. Annoying, because that song was so good!


Why, I ask you, did these characters never change clothes over the two weeks? I saw them pack a whole lot of different outfits, why did they feel the need to stay in the exact same pair of underwear all camp? Nobody knows. Okay, all joking aside, the fashion was pretty cool. I especially liked Sloane’s.

Voice Artists

Kelly Sheridan! Chiara Zanni! Oh my! All we’re missing is Kathleen Barr! Question for Mattel, however: If Zanni still works for Mattel, why didn’t she voice Mariposa in the second moive? It would have made it so much better!


Was it just me, or was this movie a bit …Short? Like I feel like I didn’t really get to know any of the characters very well. Erika and Courtney, yes, but definitely not Zia or Rayna! I would have liked to know more about Courtney -it seemed like she was a bit shy and unsure of herself, but also liked to have fun and was good at making friends quickly. It really didn’t take much for her to open up!

I liked Erika because she was self-centered and bossy at times, but hey, when you’re famous, that’s gonna happen! She reminded me of Keira a bit, from Princess Popstar, expect I feel like Keira was nicer than Erika. I would have LOVED to see their homes, meet their families, see how they act at home. I feel like Courtney would be much more reserved than she was with the driver and at camp.


It was good, but the end (esp. the concert) was predictable and a little bit boring. I would have liked to see more dancing scenes, especially since they were choreographed by Teresa, who is amazing, and maybe something at the end, about how they used their skills they learnt at camp back at home. I mean, I know there’s a spin-off video game that pretty much tells us how they went on tour, etc, but something more would be good.

Don't Let The Noise Drown Us Out Fresher Edge

One thing I loved, loved about this movie was how it included elements from other movies, such as Princess Popstar and PCS, for example, the donkey gag and the portraits. It was said that Camp Royalty was ‘an outdated charm school,’ was that a reference that Camp Royalty was founded by the same people that founded PCS?  It would make sense, since there are paintings in Lady Anne’s office, however -why is there one from Duchess Amelia? Maybe she contributed some money, or worked with Alexandra?

Anyway, what did you all think of the film? I want to hear your thoughts!

-Pace ❤

Also: He was a boy, she was a girl, can Mattel make it any more heteronormative? Seriously tho -was the relationship between Erika and random prince dude really necessary? I think not. And we can’t even ship Kyan anymore, because LitD is being cancelled! Boo! :/

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