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Fashion Fever, Amusement Park Skipper and Rainbow Barbie

Hello, friends, I have returned. Today I will be talking about, as the title suggests, my Fashion Fever dolls (all three of them, can you believe it?), amusement park Skipper and Fashionista Rainbow Wave 1 Barbie.


This is Emma King. Well, she’s actually a Teresa, but I decided to call her Emma instead. She’s from Fashion Fever Wave F, I’m not sure what year. Maybe 2006? I forgot to add in all of their accessories and some of the shoes have been swapped around, so ignore that bit. I got them second-hand so they might not have been original to start with.

image image

This is Kayla. I read somewhere that short-haired Kaylas are quite rare, so I feel lucky to own one. I really love everything about this doll, she’s so beautiful, and the singlet goes with everything. Her face is so kind.

image image

And finally, this is Drew. Isn’t her outfit cute? I really love Fashion Fever outfits, someday I hope to get more. A few of the dolls I picked up at markets may be fashion fever, but I can’t be bothered to go through all the dolls to check if one looks similar.

image image

And here is amusement park Skipper! I got her second-hand too, with all pieces included apart from the belt and top, although the fairyfloss isn’t included in the photo because I left it inside. This is my first, last and only Skipper and I am grateful to have her, mostly because of all the storyline ideas she opens up.

image image

And finally, Barbie! She’s from Rainbow Wave 1 of the Fashionistas. I left her purse behind, oops 😉 This is probably one of my most-used dolls, if only because a.) she’s the official Barbie of Aquifolia and b.) her articulation is the best, because I bought her new, unlike most of the other articulated dolls (they’re really expensive).

-Pace! ❤

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