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Which is the Best Barbie Movie?

I love Barbie movies and have decided to rank them. Keep in mind this is my personal opinion. Feel free to share your own opinions in the comments section.

1. Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

My all-time favourite movie. I love the dancing, the costumes, voice actors, the storyline, the animation, everything. It’s so sweet! It’s my most-watched movie ever, I think. I know pretty much all the lines off by heart!


2. Barbie: Princess Charm School

This one is a very close second. The storyline, costumes and animation are just perfect! The only thing that let it down, really, is the fact that there’s no Kelly! I mean, no offence to Diana or anything, she’s a wonderful actress, but she’s just not the same.


3. The Barbie Diaries

This is such a good movie! Mattel was trying something new and it worked! It’s like the Mean Girls of Barbie! This one is rarely seen in shops anymore and isn’t advertised on packaging, but you can still find used copies online. The only tiny annoying thing was that Mattel made it seem like Courtney, Tia and Kevin were her only friends at that time. They could have easily made up an explanation as to why her other friends weren’t around. This movie really made it seem like Barbie was a normal girl.


4. Barbie as the Island Princess

I really, really loved the storyline. So creative! I cried during the flashback. Cried. It was so sad and so good! The animation in this one is simply perfect and the storyline and ugh. But that song ‘At the Ball’ sounded really childish. I mean, I get that it’s a children’s movie and all, but I didn’t like it anyway.


5. Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals (suspected place)

The trailer looks amazing! And the songs will be fantastic! Did you SEE those outfits? Gorgeous! However I think the storyline is a little too obvious, but it’s a bit too early to tell. Perhaps they’re hiding a major plot twist?

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6. Barbie Presents: Thumbelina

Once again, another movie that ‘normalises’ Barbie. Sure, she’s a superstar, a doctor and all of that, but she’s also just a regular teenager who likes to teach kids about the environment. Makenna’s struggle to get attention from her parents, to gain acceptance from her peers, to make her first real friend, to make a big chance in the world, are all really important issues and I’m glad this movie dealt with them in such a great way.

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7. Barbie and the Three Musketeers 

Now THIS is a great example of a classic story with a little twist of girl-power! Did you know that ‘Unbelievable’ is actually a proper song? I heard it on the music video channel and was so surprised! I wish that we had seen more of Constance though, and less of the dog. That’s a big problem in Barbie movies -why do the pets have to have their own little fights with the villain’s pets? Why does the villain even need a pet? Anyway, it’s an excellent movie.


8. Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia

Another excellent movie. I love Elina’s struggle to choose between the thing that she worked so hard for, that she had been wishing for her entire life, and saving Nori. Speaking of Nori, she’s such a loveable character! And Bibble! AND MAX! Max is the best.

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9. Barbie: The Princess and the Popstar

The dancing in this movie was simply brilliant. And the costumes and the animation. However -and I may be biased in this, since I’ve seen the movie so many times I know it off by heart- the storyline does get a little old.


10. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

The comedy, the romance, the action, the drama! This movie has it all! Bibble is, again, totally adorable. One thing I find about the Fairytopia series: Elina needs to include Dandylion more! She’s your best friend, get it together! Dandylion really badly wants to join in on her friend’s adventures but no, Elina has to be the hero! Anyway, it’s still a great movie.

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Kara and Corinne

11. Barbie in Princess Power

Bam! Pow! Take flight! Princess power outta sight! The songs in this movie were so good! One thing I found was that it was a little short. I also wanted her sidekicks (see? I don’t even know their names!) to have different personalities. I couldn’t even tell which was which! This is the same for Secret Door, Fairy Secret, Mariposa, Rock ‘n Royals and countless others.


12. Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper

This storyline was so complicated and so drama-filled! It’s got heaps of history references too, such as Charlemagne, Shakespeare, the story of Noah’s arc, etc. I didn’t even mind the conversations between the pets this time! Preminger’s song was pretty cool, too. “I’ve been bowing, I’ve been scraping, I’ve been lying like a rug.” Too funny!

13. Barbie & The Diamond Castle

This is such a cute movie -the only major problem was the dogs. WHY ARE THEY SPARKLY? WHY ARE THEY DANCING? The storyline was quite good, but I felt it was too ‘we’re on a journey, we’ll face some challenges, the power of friendship wins, the end yay.’ Ya know?

14. Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

Although the plot was a tad obvious and there were some minor issues (like the lack of speaking French, dogs on the plane, Diana instead of Kelly, Barbie not being that upset about Ken leaving her, etc), overall this movie has a.) great characters b.) great outfits c.) great music and d.) an okay storyline. It’s good, but not amazing. After 20-30 rewatches, it gets a little old though, compared to say, PCS or Island Princess, which I’ve probably watched over 50 times each.

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15. Barbie & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

The animation in this movie sucks. Just warning you. That alone loses Mattel 10 points from me. But I DO like horses, so that was a win, and I like how it shows Skipper’s struggle between fitting in and having fun with her sisters. Max and Marie were awesome and I love how they actually spoke French, since, ya know, they’re in Switzerland.


16. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

This movie was very drama-filled and had it’s moments that were genuinely funny. I like Adian’s backstory (is that his name? I haven’t seen it in a while) and the 3D option. The animation was on point and the clothing was fantastic. Have you seen the dolls that went along with this movie? Such quality! However, once again, it was kind of a ‘magical quest, love wins, the end yay’ kind of storyline.

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17. Barbie in a Christmas Carol

Such a good story! Eden’s journey to become a star must have been so painful and you can really see her struggle and how she has developed (and will develop in the future). Eden is a very ‘real’ character and the audience can easily feel her emotions, however it WAS predictable, but hey -it’s a Christmas movie! Plus, Kelly was freaking adorable, as usual 😉


18. Barbie: The Pearl Princess

Sigh. This was another one of those ‘magical quest’ storylines that I get so sick of. However, the salon thing was cool and I LOVE how they continued Lumina’s story in the official Barbie magazine. I didn’t buy the dolls because I was poor, (haha) but there are so many options for playtime. I liked the music, too. I saw, in a comments section somewhere, that the movie was similar to Disney’s Tangled and now I can’t get that comparison out of my head, because they were quite right, it IS very similar.

19. MyScene Goes Hollywood

I’ve only seen this movie 4ish times and it’s gotten old already. I love how Lindsey Lohan is in it and I love how the audience can identify with Maddison’s struggle with choosing between fame and whoever-not-her-boyfriend was or her friends. We can also see Barbie’s side of the story -losing her friend to stardom must have hurt pretty bad.


20. Barbie as Rapunzel

I can’t really think of anything ‘wrong,’ with this movie, it just wasn’t THAT entertaining. I mean, the storyline, characters, etc, were all awesome, it just wasn’t that good. However I’m probably a bit biased because I’ve seen it, like, 100 times.

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21. Barbie in a Mermaid Tale

I liked the parts of the movie where Merliah was a human. I didn’t really like the parts where she was a mermaid, mostly because those parts were all about the ‘magical quest.’ Again, I would have liked to see a bigger personality difference between Xylie and Kylie.

22. MyScene: Jammin’ in Jamacia

This is such a good, quick movie! However, the songs were a bit repetitive and I felt the plot was a bit… stretched. It was short, but cute. I’ve only seen it once, so I can’t remember who got upset and ran off to the beach because she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her (or whatever happened), but yeah. That bit was the best part. So dramatic and aw, I felt so sorry for her! (whoever it was, haha)

23. Barbie Fairytopia

Sigh. Another ‘magical quest.’ I liked the ending, though, and the kidnapped guardians never fail to bring a smile to my face. Elina’s story was really good and I’m glad they continued on with the series. I just love sequels! It’s always great to see the return of my favourite characters!


24. Barbie Fairytopia: Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends

Mariposa’s personality? Fantastic. I love the shy thing! Shy girls rock! Yay, bookworms! But the difference between Rayna and whatever-her-name-was, (Rayla?) was minimal. The mermaids were cute and all, but it was another one of those ‘magical quest’ storylines.

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25. Barbie in the Nutcracker

The beginning of this movie was really cute, I like the historical elements. And I’m very impressed how Mattel managed to pull off such great animation -it came out in, like, 2001 or something? But the storyline was, you guessed it, a magical quest. The dancing was good, the music was heartwarming, the characters were funny (you want me to babysit a rock?), the only thing that let it down was the whole quest element. A bit more of a twist would be nice.

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26. Barbie Fairytopia: Mariposa & The Fairy Princess

I loved Catania’s backstory! But the villain was hella annoying and reminded me too much of Blair’s mother. The bat was funny, though. The biggest problems with this? The voice change. I love Kelly, but you can’t just change voices like that! And the animation. You can’t just go around changing animation, either! AND WHERE WAS ELINA?! I was looking forward to seeing her again after all that time! However, seeing the flower houses in the background was nice. Oh, and I love the music. And the dancing.


27. Barbie: A Fairy Secret

This is probably the ultimate ‘budget movie.’ It’s short, full of funny lines that Mattel hoped would make up for the lack of storyline, there is zero personality difference between Carrie and Taylor, the storyline absolutely sucked… But the costumes were nice, as was the music and the animation.

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28. Barbie and the Secret Door

Secret Door was a lot like Fairy Secret, in the way that it was way too quest-y, and Mermaid Tale, in the way that I only really liked the parts when she was a human. Except it was way too neon pink and reminded me of the Sugar Rush in Wreck it Ralph too much. And that song, ‘I’ve Got Magic,’ was much too overused. I mean, I’m aware the lyrics changed and all, but really? Give us a break. However the score ‘Unicorn’ was really good.

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29. Barbie of Swan Lake

I liked Odette’s backstory, plus Kelly is always a bonus, and the animation was gorgeous, but the story gets a tad old after you’ve watched it 20+ times, which isn’t really that much, considering it’s been out for over a decade. That’s what, two times a year? Practically nothing. Ohh -and I wish the dance scenes in the bonus features actually showed you how to do the steps, rather than just the video with commentary. I found myself pausing and playing way too much for my liking. However, the stars game was cute and informative.

30. Barbie in the Pink Shoes

The animation? Sucked. The storyline? Way too questy! I hate quests! No more, please! It was a pretty ‘budget’ movie. I wish for more of the beginning, as I often do, before Krystn found her way into the ballet world. Perhaps a flashback of her life and how she’s always hated being told what to do? Or what happens after the new ballet is made, how her career takes off? Even if it was just a quick, after-the-credits thing.

31. Barbie: A Perfect Christmas

This movie was so boring! The animation sucked, the songs were bland and annoying, the storyline was pretty predictable and the only thing I really liked was a.) how it showed Skipper wanting to do something on her own for once and b.) how it showed Chelsea and Stacie’s strained relationship.

32. Kelly Dream Club

I’ve only seen the princess and the fairy one, but both seemed too much like a children’s TV show episode. They were cute, but not really worth that second rewatch. I was very curious to know how exactly Chelsea (sorry, I meant Kelly) and friends got those necklaces, though.


33. Barbie and the Sensations: Rockin’ Back to Earth

The plot was okay. I liked seeing Kim grow up and the whole going-back-to-the-future thing. It reminded me a lot of Back to the Future, actually, especially the part where they played in the diner. I get that it was made in the 80s or something, so obviously the animation and music would be terrible, but I feel the songs were way overused. I’ve seen it twice and that’s all I need to see it. I found an absolutely fantastic and totally accurate review from

“I have no idea how this makes any sense. The best explanation I can think of is that the universe itself just had enough this abominable band’s music and decided to kill them off by opening a hole in time and space and throw them into it hoping that will shut them up.”

34. Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World

Most boring movie ever. I found myself skipping the songs, they played so often. Maybe if I was born in the 80s and actually knew them, it would be better? But I was not, so they were boring and old. The plot was barely even there, it was all just songs! Watched it once and that was more than enough.

A quote from a fabulous review that can be found here:

“I can’t believe it! We danced all night! Who could that be?” Barbie says without even TRYING to act. She heads over to open the pink door (yes) to see who it is. Personally I hope it’s the voice director coming over to fire her.”

“…And this is intercut with stills of Barbie’s three friends wearing different outfits and generally acting like idiots just being rotated upside down to try and hide the fact that they were too lazy to animate anything.”

What do you think? Share your opinion in the comments section!

-Pace! ❤


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